PROBLEM SET 9. The Citric Acid Cycle

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In this Problem Set we are going to predict the intermediates that are responsible for the oxidation acetyl CoA to carbon dioxide and water. In the process, we will construct two alternatives cycles that might occur even though they do not oxidize acetyl CoA to the known products.

ANSWERS TO PROBLEM SET 9. The Citric Acid Cycle

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  Given: 1.Acetyl-CoA is oxidized to carbon dioxide and water by the citric acid cycle. 2. Citric acid is 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid. Predict three citric acid cycles. Which agrees with the data given? ANSWERS to PROBLEM SET 9 For a detailed discussion, see Chapter 9 of CBM. You are going to grade your answers. There are […]

Problem Set 8 with answers

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ANSWERS TO PROBLEM SET 8. Oxidation of Fatty Acids The first seven Problem Sets dealt with the fundamental principles you need to predict the products of any biochemical reaction. In Problem Sets 8 to 25, you will use these principles to predict the intermediates in complicated metabolic pathways. I am having trouble getting the necessary […]

Answers to Problem Set 7

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PROBLEM SET 7 Oxygen and Transition Complexes This problem set continues with principles electron transport. It focuses on the structure of oxygen and transition metal complexes. 1. Electrons are passed one at a time through the electron transport system of oxygen. Using your MO diagram for oxygen (Problem Set 6), predict the types of molecules […]


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In this problems set, we consider some fundamental principles of thermodynamics and see how they apply to biochemical reactions. Most importantly, we see the importance of entropy in determining the free energy of biochemical reactions. We distinguish between “closed” and “open” systems. We show how enzymes in a a living cell can alter the free energy of reactions in a metabolic pathway.