New Offering of The Chemical Basis of Metablism


A Self-study Chemistry CourseĀ for Life Science Students

I am preparing for the third offering of “The Chemical Basis of Metabolism”, a self-study course dealing with chemistry that is relevant to the Life Sciences. The course is based on 25 Problem Sets. All the Problem Sets are posted in reverse order (25-1). The text, “The Chemical Basis of Metabolism”, contains all the principles you need to answer the Problem . Allow about a week for each Problem Set. Once you are comfortable pushing electrons, I suggest that you try to work out Problem Sets 8-25 before reading the pertinent chapter in CBM. I will post the answers to each Problem Set, in order, weekly, starting Monday September 24, 2012. You will be able to grade yourself from the posted answers.

If you find the course useful, please tell others about it.

Bob Chambers

September 10, 2012

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