Given: Malonyl-CoA is required for chain elongation of a fatty acid chain

  1. Using R-CH2-CH2-CO-SCoA as the existing chain, show how malonyl-
    CoA works.


2. Given: Keq for the reaction 2 acety l-CoA→ acetoacetyl-CoA + CoA = 0.000017


Using this as a model, calculate the free energy that is required to make a new C-C bond in fatty acid biosynthesis at 37º and explain how malonyl-CoA solves the energy problem.


3. Write the remaining reactions for chain elongation  in general terms.


4. Formation of malonyl-CoA requires biotin. Show how malonyl-CoA is formed?


5. Write a mechanism for introducing a cis double bond at 9,10 of stearic acid by molecular oxygen.

6. Introduction of a double bond by oxyen requires NADPH. What is the function of the reducing agent?


7. The structure of phosphatidic acid is:













Show how phosphatidic acid can be synthesized from dihydroxy acetone phosphate (glycerone phosphate).

8.   Show how phosphatidic acid is converted to a triglyceride (fat).




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